Five Common Causes of Tooth Pain

According to the research, if you have a bad tooth pain, it can be very painful. The any damaging in a tooth can be harmful. The bad tooth pain doesn’t allow you to eat food very smoothly and concentrate on eating food which is your favorite and makes your smile unhealthy. But some time, people didn’t know about the pain and it becomes severe because the decay area is damaged due to the food particles after eating food. If you have bad tooth pain, it can ruin your day. You should brush and floss after eating food to clean or remove the remaining food particles that is stuck between your tooth and gum. If you didn’t brush and floss, the bacteria may develop and it can creates infection between tooth and gum. Here we have five common causes of tooth pain, you need to know. The five common causes are as follows:

Tooth Decay
The tooth decay is the main cause of tooth pain. Tooth decay is occurred due to the bacteria and food. It can also be due to the improper care of the tooth. When the plague creates a spot on your teeth, then the tooth decay occurs. If the bacteria and plague will enter and break the enamel and cause a spots like a holes because plague create acid. This acid helps to damage the enamel on your teeth. If you are suffers in tooth decay and didn’t get treatment then it may affect the layers of teeth and creating cavities. You should avoid acidic or sugary foods to prevent you from tooth decay.

Dental Abscess results in pain
Dental abscess is basically due to the bacterial infection. Due to the dental abscess the pain will be severe. The dental abscess is a deep rooted infection which occurs a severe pain in a tooth. When you are eating food which is not good for teeth then the bacteria built in the deep root of the tooth, in the gums or in the bones which hold s the teeth. The pain will arise and it may severe or creates swelling. For the treatment of dental abscess, you should go to your dentist for proper treatment.

Having Cracked Tooth
having a cracked tooth is also a main cause of tooth pain. The hardest substance in a human body is a tooth enamel. If you are taking poor treatment like opening of ice can, chewing on pens or opening packages with your teeth and the grinding of your teeth even having tooth enamel. You may feel pain when you eat food hot or cold it can cause of crack in a tooth. If you have cracks then don’t missed a chance to treat them because it may lead to severe issues. You should consult to your dentist for a treatment.

Infection in the Gums
the gum disease can occurs due to the improper dental hygiene. If you have poor dental hygiene the bacteria will spread its place to another level which creates a gum disease. Gum disease are of two types a gingivitis and periodontitis and caused by the bacteria. The gums can be swell and red and bleed easily or inflamed if they are infected. You should brush and floss daily to avoid gum disease. You can fight with the gum disease by taking antibiotics. But you must consult your dentist.

Teeth Sensitivity
if you want a sensitive teeth you should use brush with a specialized toothpaste like sensodyne. You can also use fluoride toothpaste which helps to whiten your teeth. Usually, teeth can resist hot or cold temperature.

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